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The Investor Compensation Company DAC (ICCL) is the compensation fund of last resort for customers of authorised financial services firms.

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Stay compliant with the Investor Compensation Act

Participant firms can now pay their annual levy online using our secure payment process.  It’s a quick and easy way to ensure your firm is compliant with the Investor Compensation Act and you’ll receive confirmation immediately.

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Want to know more about claiming compensation?

If you would like to understand how the process of claiming compensation works in Ireland, the ICCL has put together some useful information to help you.

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Changes to the ICCL’s Claimant Privacy Notice

The Investor Compensation Company DAC (the “ICCL”) has recently completed a review of its Claimant Privacy Notice to ensure that it remains compliant with Data Protection requirements and provides sufficient detail to each claimant on our obligations in respect of any personal data they may provide.

 A copy of the updated Claimant Privacy Notice can be found by clicking on the “Find out more” button below

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Consultation Document – Funding the Investor Compensation Scheme

The ICCL has commenced the triennial consultation process with Industry concerning how the Investor Compensation Scheme will be funded throughout the period August 2022 to July 2025. 

The consultation process is open from 29 October 2021 until 17 December 2021.

A copy of the Consultation Document is available from the 'Publications' section of our website.

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Custom House Capital Limited

The ICCL is committed to processing claim applications and paying compensation to clients of CHC as quickly as possible, once validated and certified by the Administrator.

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