Bloxham Stockbrokers

CLOSED CASE - Last updated 16/10/2015


On 25 June 2012, a liquidator was appointed by order of the High Court to Bloxham (In Liquidation). The Court, as required under Section 33A of the Compensation Act, 1998 [‘the Act’], also appointed the Liquidator as Administrator for the purposes of that Act. The Liquidator and the Administrator appointed was Kieran Wallace, KPMG.

The ICCL was informed by the Central Bank of Ireland that this constituted a ‘Court Ruling’ for the purposes of Section 32(1) of the Act. Once informed of the ‘Ruling’, the ICCL wrote to clients and published a notice in national newspapers, giving notice of the Court Ruling and inviting applications for compensation from clients of Bloxham.

Since 28 November 2012, 27 claim applications (relating to 30 claimants) were received from Bloxham clients. These claims were passed to the Administrator, Kieran Wallace for review and certification. On 17 April 2013, the ICCL received certification from the Administrator that no compensation was due to claimants under the Act. On 22 April 2013, the ICCL wrote to claimants informing them of the decision of the Administrator.

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