About Us

The Investor Compensation Company DAC (ICCL) is an independent body set up under the Investor Compensation Act, 1998 (the Act).

The ICCL is Ireland’s statutory ‘fund of last resort’ for customers of authorised investment firms.

The principal objectives of the ICCL are:

  • to operate a financially sound scheme so we can provide statutory levels of compensation to eligible investors of failed investment firms;
  • to set up and maintain funds out of which we can pay compensation and our costs, under the Act;
  • to set up and maintain a structure that we can use to pay compensation to investors of failed investment firms, under the Act; and
  • to make sure we pay compensation without unnecessary delay.

We will apply the rules of the scheme in a fair and sympathetic manner. We will do all we can to help investors of a failed investment firm who have lost investments and, or, money.

We aim to actively help eligible investors, particularly those affected by the failure of a firm, and to deal in a co-operative and sensitive way with investors.