Participant Firms


This section enables clients of Authorised Investment Firms to check whether the firm with which they are investing is a member of the Investor Compensation Scheme.

The list of firms/intermediaries below is based on the most recent information available to the ICCL from the Central Bank of Ireland, the CAI and the CPA.

If you wish to check the current status of a firm / intermediary authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland, please click here to contact the Central Bank of Ireland.

The Central Bank of Ireland issues warnings about investment firms that are not authorised to conduct investment business in Ireland and which are not members of the ICCL Scheme.  Please click here to view that listing of firms.


Records: 3053

View Ref Name Status Fund
49249 Anne Dwan Tied Insurance Intermediary FUNDB
146800 Anne Forde Tied Insurance Intermediary FUNDB
48541 Anne Marie Conroy Tied Insurance Intermediary FUNDB
CAI000344 Anne Marie Power & Co Accountants - Intermediary FUNDB
86652 Anne Tobin Tied Insurance Intermediary FUNDB
49542 Annemarie McGeehan Limited Investment Intermediary FUNDB
41546 Annesley Williams Limited Insurance Intermediary FUNDB
70227 Anthony Branagan Insurance Intermediary FUNDB
57910 Anthony Cashman Investment Intermediary FUNDB
193006 Anthony Crosse Tied Insurance Intermediary FUNDB

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